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Our Mission: Great Value, Great Product & Great Service

HONGYIDA FURNITURE MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD, We have our own factory mainly produce school furniture such as student chair and desk sets, And we also have a factory to produce office chair, including high end market ergonomic chairs in different series.

We are about bringing you everything you need to make your home or office and projects the best it can be at the best reasonable prices.
Our efficient and reliable customer's service team are available to answer any questions you may have during our cooperation.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional, considerate and rapid service at all times.

Enjoying your shopping experience with us and recognise that you always have a choice.
If you have any questions then please choose an appropriate email address from the list below:
1.To place an order or enquire about product availability and pricing - info@dlhyida.com.
2.For further information on a particular product please use - info@dlhyida.com.
3.To request information on an existing order please use - info@dlhyida.com.
4.For after sales and queries after your furniture has been delivered use - info@dlhyida.com.