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Company News >> 1.Talent strategic awareness raised new opportunities for the office furniture industry
Talent strategic awareness raised new opportunities for the office furniture industry

Right now a lot of the traditional open industry ushered in a wave peak of annual sales, which also corresponds to the peak of a wave of purchases. Through the analysis of the relevant electricity supplier website and visit the merchant's point of view the situation in recent years, customers purchasing office furniture industry, being the end of the trend.
In office computer chair, for example, as long as the newly opened company or its new employees are required to purchase. In recent years, particularly in the area of ​​the new economy companies, no longer like the traditional image as we (the traditional image of the company in favor of low-cost procurement of major office chair), but tend to be better than ever procurement office computer chair.
According to online information, technology founder Overheating hammer, before the million-level employees with ergonomic computer chair, on the Internet caused no small shock wave, causing a lot of family office, competing in the online Tucao their usual office sitting hundred dollar price of cheap office chair.
It is understood that, especially in the Internet and other new economy, the fast pace of work, overtime has become almost commonplace, as were white-collar office family a day's work, often back pain, more seriously, a lot of young people appeared varying degrees of spinal disorders, the industry's white-collar workers looking for comfort computer chair without saying. Now almost the entire community of rhythm, the situation faced by practitioners in other industries are also similar.
As the old classic statement, "What is the most expensive in the 21st century? A: talent", especially in the new economy, the fast pace of business development, human impact on the development of very large companies. This is why a lot of people reflected in the new economy, a lot of the strength of the business-to-human care employees, humane measures appear to be more characteristic of (private limited scope of this discussion).
Black and white tone relevant responsible person said, from its inception, black and white tone is positioned as a family office computer chair design liberate the spine, as of 2014 has been living in the computer chair for three consecutive years of industry sales first. Since opening, the black and white tone sustained selling situation, thanks to this aspect, has long focused on the liberation of the spine Family Design sedentary office computer chair, designed to meet the needs of the family office; on the other hand Thanks to a growing number of businesses and individuals, to protect the health of the spine, relieve fatigue concerns and needs.
Looking at the international level, a lot of high-end international fashion ergonomic computer chair, will appear in the IT companies in Silicon Valley office. Especially in the new economy, corporate procurement office computer chair, and began a trend of high-end bias, which for the office furniture industry, or an historic opportunity for transformation.